• When My Student Said Her Biggest Fear in Life Was Failure Thursday February 01st, 2018

    My 12 year old student

    Like most of my students

    Is a big fan of Wicked

    (Big fan of Wicked)

    And like most 12 year old girls I know

    Knows what it’s like to be Elphaba

    The Wizard and I was her favorite song

    But whenever we got to the hard part of the song

    She would stop



    And wail

    I said

    “What’s the worst that could happen?”

    She said

    “I could fail”

    It doesn’t help that we’re living in a culture

    Where if somebody

    Trips or cracks on a high note

    They might be in for years of public shaming on the internet

    Depending on how vindictive we’re feeling

    But waiting around


    Staying down all your life

    Is that any way to live?


    If I had a nickel for every time

    I Had final callbacks for wicked and didn’t make it (2)

    Got really close to being signed to a major label (3)

    Got dumped by a guy I really really really liked


    I’d have a lot of nickels

    If this was a hero’s story, I’d say

    I went back and got the part anyway

    But it’s not

    It’s not about the winning

    It’s in the getting up

    Getting back up again

    And I get to be me today

    life takes us in directions we never could have imagined!

    Now I get to write my own plays

    Help other people write music

    So I looked at my student and I said

    “I hope you do fail!”

    “Get back up!”

  • Wick (On Boyfriends and Sassafras Trees) Tuesday January 16th, 2018

    Has a book ever been so…YOU
    That you were convinced the author must have time traveled to 1991 to base the story on your life?
    That was the Secret Garden for me
    In the book, quiet Mary’s sallow cheeks would turn ruddy from running on the moors
    It didn’t matter what happened with kids at school
    Because at 3:30, I would explode into my backyard
    Feel the blood rush to MY cheeks
    And know that I was coming back to life
    There were trees to climb, birds, mice, bugs
    Sticky magnolia seed pods that would get all over my hands
    Those irregular leaves that smell like lemon

    I even asked my mom if I could have a bit of earth
    Like in the book when Mary asks Dr. Craven for a bit of earth?
    and for years, I had my very own secret garden!
    One morning at the bus stop
    David ripped a branch off of my favorite sassafras tree
    it was still wick
    Or green on the inside
    you know, like in the book when Dicken teaches Mary about trees that are still alive?
    so I ran home, Found some wood glue from the basement and glued the branch back on! It died.

    Every day was pretty much a WWMD day until I started really paying attention to David
    It was time to put away quiet Mary
    If I wanted to become a law abiding member of society
    I had to start investing in other people
    And the more I invested in them
    The more I cared what they liked
    the more I forgot what I liked
    when everyone started finding their own bits of earth
    I would ask my boyfriends
    Where do I belong?
    Which one am I supposed to be?
    boyfriends have a lot of opinions
    And none of them ever seem to be the same ones
    But I did my best to listen to all of them
    Until I kinda felt dead on the inside
    I had to get away
    got in my car
    Drove to the park I used to pass on my way to school
    Just to
    I don’t know
    I started obsessing over the tire fire my life had become
    But I kept getting distracted
    There were trees to climb birds mice bugs
    Sticky magnolia seed pods that would get all over my hands
    Those irregular leaves that smell like lemon
    my quiet Mary status has nothing to do with boyfriends
    No matter what happens on the outside
    I’m still green on the inside
    I’m wick

  • I like to Phoenix Sunday January 07th, 2018

    I like to Phoenix
    The way

    The first time I saw Princess Diaries
    I knew
    My whole purpose in life
    Was to shed the skin of
    The person I was
    Because that person is TRASH.
    But the person i can become?
    That’s the person men fall in love with
    Women envy
    People give book deals to!

    So every year I make a resolution
    The year I get on Broadway!
    The year I get Madonna arms!
    The year I get a hit single!
    The year of BANGS!
    The year I stop buying fucking clothes!
    And Who better to show your phoenixing in action to than people from your past?
    That guy that broke your soul in 2012
    Your Perfect High School Friends

    Every Christmas I’d fly to Grandma’s in my Phoenix glory wanting her to be so proud of me
    But then my cousin would show up married
    Or with a brand new baby
    Game over
    Babies are the ultimate Phoenix
    And then I’d just feel sorry for myself
    Which is
    The opposite of phoenixing
    So at New Years
    I’d make a vow
    And it felt like a RACE to become my best self in 12 months
    It’s exhausting
    I can’t say that I’ve actually ever accomplished anything I set out to do

    Grandma wasn’t around this holiday
    She died last year
    She always said
    “I just want you to be happy”
    Instead of trying to prove to Grandma that I was a Phoenix
    I wish I had spent more time just
    Being happy with her
    Because as much as we want to think that our loved ones are judging us
    They really just want us to be happy

    So Here’s to 2018
    The year of –
    Well…I don’t know
    I don’t feel like I’m racing to a finish line anymore
    it’s kinda nice!

    We Just Want You To Be Happy


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